Why You Should Join Alevation Inc

Located in Norwood, MA, Alevation Inc is a marketing firm that focuses on outsourced customer acquisition, target marketing, and direct sales. Our clients choose to utilize our services because we have the ability to reach a vast amount of customers in a short time frame and the expertise needed to build a long-lasting relationship between the two parties. With our sights set on expanding into various markets throughout the United States, our recruiting team is hard at work looking for the best candidates to meet with our management team. Now that we’ve shared a bit about our company and our goals, we want to dive into some of the perks you get when choosing Alevation Inc to help you build your career!

Let’s jump right in! To start, we want to highlight our top priority – our people. Most of our resources are dedicated to our team members’ growth and professional development. Why? When you invest in someone, when you provide them with the tools they need to excel, they will turn around and put those new skills to work for your business! By fueling their flames, we are propelling their careers and our company forward. 

We understand how appealing an extensive training program can be for those of you just entering the workforce. At Alevation Inc, all of our entry-level employees go through our Management Training Program at their own pace. Everyone learns differently, and for us, we don’t care about the longevity of your training, just that you picked up the skills and experience that you needed. Our company is growing. So, it’s beneficial to us to have individuals rotating through all aspects of this system. We never want our team members to feel rushed. Instead, we encourage them to grasp information in their own time. When they are ready to thrive, they will!

Our next work perk is our one-on-one mentorship program. Tagging along with the training we provide those at the entry-level, these individuals are also partnered with someone who has been where they are and succeeded. We believe that when you have someone in your corner who has withstood the same challenges as you, you can wholeheartedly trust their advice and guidance. At Alevation Inc, we only promote internally. So, it’s immensely helpful to receive success tips and tricks from someone on your direct leadership team. 

Lastly, we want to focus on our company culture. As you’ve gathered, we genuinely care about our people and work diligently to provide them with everything they need to succeed; this includes a work environment that fosters positivity, productivity, and camaraderie. Once a week, we gather outside of the office for team night, where we kick back, relax, and get to know one another better. On top of this, we protect the overall vibe and energy that our people produce. If someone is struggling and weighing down others, our management team steps in to help them out.

There you have it! Alevation Inc is hiring, and we are eager to connect with you! The three work perks mentioned are just the beginning. There are TONS of reasons you should consider applying to work with our amazing team.

To apply, email your resume to hr@alevationinc.com!

For further details on who we are and the opportunity we provide, enjoy this YouTube video!

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