25 Years of Leadership Dreams – Meet Sean Mulhall

Born and raised in Framingham, Massachusetts, Alevation Inc.’s very own Sean Mulhall has been an entrepreneur from a very young age. The twenty-five-year-old Campaign Executive dreamt of becoming a professional. While other kids were imagining themselves on big stages or in NBA jerseys, Mulhall dreamt of representing a large company as a boss. Let’s fast forward and look at that dream, has he achieved it? Here at Alevation Inc., we say he has.

What is your greatest asset in the strive to become a leader?

“I put 100% effort into whatever it is that I’m doing, and I never give up. Whatever I am working on in the moment receives all of my focus, and I won’t stop until the job is done.”

Are you more of a team-oriented player or an individual leader?

“I believe I’m more independently oriented. I want to accomplish a lot in my life and the more skills, knowledge, and experiences I take on, the more it will benefit me in the long run. I accept any challenge head on and never back down.”

How has your career grown since joining Alevation Inc.?

“My career has grown a lot since I started working at this company. When I first started, I was very shy, scripted, and introverted. Now I consider myself an extrovert. I love speaking with new people, making them laugh, and building relationships.”

What do you look for in a potential teammate?

“Student mentality. When I first started, I didn’t have any of the skills I have now when it comes to sales, socializing, or professionalism. I put in a lot of time and effort outside of the field and I was able to improve and learn new skills, so I look for student mentality as opposed to raw skill. There is a lot to learn in this business, and the more you embrace that, the further this job will take you.”

What is your leadership style?

“Lead by example. I’m confident in my ability to prove results. I put in the time and effort, I focus on the fundamentals, and I’m here to teach you and push you past complacency.”

How has the pandemic affected your career?

“COVID has been a really interesting experience for me. Starting this job during a pandemic, a lot of people thought I was crazy. At the end of the day, as long as we’re safe, our business still operates the same way. What I’m looking forward to in the remainder of 2021 is more personal development. I love improving myself, whether it’s my mental or financial situation, or my physical well-being, I’m always looking to improve and ascend to new levels in all aspects of my life.”

What is your favorite thing about Alevation Inc.?

“My favorite thing about our company is the opportunity of growth and progression. Being able to start out entry level with a limited set of skills and work my way up to becoming someone’s leader just goes to show the stages of development you will go through working at this job. I’m all about that personal development.”

What drew you to the company in the first place?

“The opportunity to represent a Fortune 500 company and be able to make as much money as I wanted based on my work ethic. I’m always looking to improve my personal development and this job hit a lot of my hotspots, and that’s the main reason I accepted this position.”

What advice do you have for future leaders?

“Study hard. A lot of the skills I learned at this job didn’t come over night. I spent a lot of time practicing the basics outside of work hours, so if someone truly wants to be successful, I can show them the road, but they have to be willing to do anything and everything and be down for whatever.”

What has been your greatest accomplishment?

“Graduating from college. School didn’t come naturally for me like it did for others. I required a lot of extra hours studying, practicing, and preparing for tests and presentations. At some points I felt like giving up, but I have never given up once on anything or anyone, and that’s the mentality I maintain, even when times get tough. That really helped me buckle down and finish college strong and see it through all the way to the very end.”

It’s no mystery why Sean Mulhall spent his life dreaming of a career in business; he was clearly born for it. There was no telling which company would be blessed with this natural born leader, but here at Alevation Inc., we’re happy it was us.

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