Our Company

Founded in 2019 in Framingham, MA, Alevation Inc is an independently-owned and operated company with a young and ambitious marketing and sales team that is taking the industry to new heights. Alevation Inc was created to acquire and retain qualified residential consumers in a personalized manner for billion-dollar brands. Our impressive list of clients are among the largest in the country, and our brokerage firm currently holds contracts with a variety of corporations in industries ranging from telecommunications to energy services.

Our clients are looking for an edge in marketing and sales. TV commercials, direct mail pieces, and telemarketers are failing to grasp people’s attention. Alevation Inc feels that the power of a personal, LIVE presentation is the most effective way to advertise. We introduce ourselves to qualified consumers (on behalf of our clients) in order to establish a relationship with them. This enables us to educate them on any changes in the industry, market/sell various services, and personally thank them for their business.

For more information on Alevation Inc, please visit our website at https://alevationinc.com. Questions or comments? Feel free to contact us!